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50% off Neands eBook to Celebrate Neands 2!

Neands 2 by Dan Salmon has been released this month in paperback and eBook. At the end of Neands, in a world that has turned against them, Charlie, Pru, and Ivy have found refuge but they are desperate for answers. As they set out to find out what happened to Charlie’s mother and their foster parents, Alan and Ngaire, Em and her brother Miro are risking their lives to escape the horrors of a Neand-run youth home in the South Island. When their paths cross, they face a fight for their future. If they have any future at all.

To help you catch up on the series we are offering 50% off the eBook version of Neands book 1 for the next thirty days, on our website only. You don't need a coupon or to make any other purchase so get the thrill of immersing yourself in the world of the Neands today!

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