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April Special: Picture Book Bundle

These four books are a great resource to have in the teacher research room, classroom, or home library. Dealing with topics from disability, death, philosophy, female empowerment, and being your true self, this limited time book bundle allows you to get all four titles at once for only $40: an over 60% discount.

This is a direct deal only available through our store online during April. You will need to add the Book Bundle product into your cart rather than the individual books.

About each book:

The Princess and the Pirate: Princess Primrose has a secret. All day she is a Perfect Princess, attending lessons and dressing as a princess should. But at night she is a mask-wearing, sword-wielding crimefighter. A rollicking read with loads of action and fun. By Charlie Holt, illustrated by Jane Smith. Usual price: $30

Of Course You Can: Jeremy is starting a new school. He is a bit nervous and a lot worried but the children in this class are welcoming. Every time he thinks he can't take part they say 'Of course you can!' and so he plays soccer, joins in the Kapa Haka and even takes part in the cross country ... But when it comes to swimming the children tell him not to do it. Told in both Te Reo Måori and English. The book was chosen as one of the 2021 IBBY Selection of Outstanding Books for Young People with Disabilities. By Karen Hinge, illustrated by Nicky Sievert. Usual price: $30

I Had a Brother: A 2020 Storylines Notable Book! A small boy watches the strange events that unfold with the birth of his baby brother, who is born with a heart defect. Through his eyes we see the tragedy unfold. By Diana Menefy, illustrated by Malene Laugesen. Usual price: $30

The Time of Your Life: Little Ben has only two wishes: 1) that he be a little taller and 2) that there be a little more time. People are always running out of time, are short of time, or don't have time to spare. Then his godmother gives him a watch... now he has all the time in the world. Or so he thinks. By Tanya Batt, illustrated by Bruce Potter. Usual price: $30

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Cheryl Griffin
Cheryl Griffin
Apr 12, 2021

Do you invoice to schools in New Zealand

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