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Congratulations to Dahlia Malaeulu!

Dahlia Malaeulu received the Creative New Zealand Emerging Pacific Artist Award. Dahila is the author of the Mila's My Gagana series of books which introduce Samoan language within English language text in a way that makes the meaning clear to the reader of either language. OneTree House also helps distribute all of Dahlia's books under her Mila's book imprint.

In the announce of the award, Caren Rangi, Chair of the Arts Council, Creative New Zealand’s governing body, says the awards play an important part in the celebration of Pacific artistic excellence in Aotearoa New Zealand.

“It's difficult to measure the significant, intangible impact that the work of our Pacific creatives has on the cultural tapestry in Aotearoa,” Caren says.

“So, every year it is a joy and an honour to acknowledge the work of the winners of these awards, whose talents have contributed enormously to our creative eco-system over the past 12 months.”

These awards also represent the diversity of talent and experience across our Pacific creative community, she adds.

The Pacific Toa Award, which recognises the contribution of a Pacific artist with the lived experience of disability, is now in its fourth year, and is one of the many significant opportunities and initiatives developed under the Pacific Arts Strategy 2018-2023.

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