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for New Zealand Schools

This year OneTree House is publishing two new social studies resource books, written by kiwi authors for Aotearoa New Zealand schools. Inside Bubble Earth: Climate Change is a non-fiction science resource from favourite kiwi eco-fiction writer, Des Hunt; Protest! Shaping Aotearoa by Mandy Hager is a look at protest in New Zealand and a perfect compliment to our current publication from Mandy, Hindsight: Pivotal moments in New Zealand's History.

ISBN: 9780995117686


8+ non-fiction

Publishing in June, available for pre-order now.

The facts about the changes in the world’s climate and the effects of human actions are presented in this highly informative, highly illustrated non-fiction resource.

Since being first published in 1970, Des Hunt has released one or more titles per year, over 20 fiction and 6 non-fiction so far. He was also a teacher for over 40 years. This impressive output has led to listings in almost every award available for a New Zealand writer of fiction for children. His fiction has been fast-paced and action-packed, often with a conservation theme, while his non-fiction has been comprehensive and designed to appeal to the modern reader, full of interesting facts, informative images and leads for further research. His goal with Inside Bubble Earth is to encourage a sense of empowerment and hope when looking at the truth about what is happening to Earth’s climate.

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ISBN: 9780995117693

Paperback large format

10+ non-fiction

Publishing in August, available for pre-order now.

People have been protesting in New Zealand for hundreds of years. So, what were their issues? Did their protest make the change they wanted? Is protesting worth it, and can change be made through protest?

Mandy Hager looks at all these questions while exploring land protests, employment disputes, gender and disability rights, plus peacemaking movements and the major contributors to New Zealand's past and present. The book will include a brief outline explaining how each event came about, what the issues were, and whether the protest resulted in any changes. Further online resources with extension material and teacher’s resources for further investigation will be developed. This collection will encourage readers aged 10 and up to feel that they can make a difference; that protesting or speaking up can bring change.

Mandy has written extensively for young adults and has also worked in the education sector previously for Global Education. She has an astonishing collection of awards, residencies and recognition for her fiction work. She has also worked for the Global Education Centre and produced innumerable resources on such issues as Violence against Women, Weather Wars on climate change and Who Are You?: the search for self in the global village.

ISBN: 9780995106543

Paperback large format

10+ non-fiction

Available now.

Four pivotal moments in New Zealand's history are examined through a variety of source materials and commentary that enlivens the event and describes its impact on our society and growth as a nation.

Hindsight is a resource for all schools and libraries. These topics are linked to themes in the social sciences and history syllabus, Years 7 to 10. See an example page here.

An authoritive and engaging text with high visual appeal, topics include votes for women, Pacific Island immigration and dawn raids; the 1981 rugby tour; the bombing of the Rainbow Warrior; and a section on how to research topics safely in this era of 'fake news' and 'alternative facts'.

This book was a:

  • finalist for the Edify Award for Best Educational Book or Series – Secondary/Tertiary 2020 in the 2020 PANZ Book Design Awards.

  • finalist in the Books For Children category in the New Zealand Society of Authors Te Puni Kaituhi O Aotearoa (PEN NZ) Inc Heritage Literary Awards 2020.

OneTree House is here to support and resource New Zealand schools with high quality fiction and non-fiction resources.

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