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The Very Annoying Ghost – Kyle Mewburn

About the author:

Kyle Mewburn is the author of numerous picture books and junior fiction titles for children including the award winning Hill & Hole (illustrated by Vasanti Unka) and  Kiss, Kiss, Yuck! Yuck, illustrated by Ali Teo and John O'Reilly was the winner of the Joy Cowley Award (2005).

Originally from Brisbane, Kyle lives with her partner, a well-known potter, in a self-built house with a grass roof, located in Millers Flat. When not writing, Kyle is either in the garden singing to the vegies, in the creek swimming or off exploring the strange land discovered at the back of her wardrobe... (though that last bit may not be completely true).

The Very Annoying Ghost – Kyle Mewburn

SKU: 9780473421847
  • About this book:

    Ricky’s family buy a mansion in a trendy suburb, with panoramic views of the city. Too good to be true… Yep, a real bargain. But this house also has a resident ghost, who wants them out.  Cockroaches in the moving boxes, a red sock in the washing with his cricket whites!  It’s up to Ricky, and his neighbour Fi, to solve this annoying mystery. 
    Ages    7+                                                          Release: July 


    Extent: 162pp

  • Publication date:

    September 2018

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