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Elizabeth Kirkby-McLeod

Elizabeth (Libby) Kirkby-McLeod is a New Zealand author whose poetry and writing have appeared in a range of New Zealand journals, online publications, and in the public art installation, In Our Words in downtown Auckland.

Her first poetry collection Family Instructions Upon Release was published in November 2019 with The Cuba Press. It’s first print-run quickly sold out and the collection has been praised by reviewers in The New Zealand Herald and Radio New Zealand National.

She has a children’s book World Folk Tales, published in 2021 with Gilt Edge Publishing. She edited the short story collection, Lit: stories from home, published by OneTree House in 2021, and is the author of the junior fiction series, Eugene’s Island.

Elizabeth is an active member of the NZSA and produces the NZSA Oral History Podcast series.

Elizabeth Kirkby-McLeod's Titles:

Some OneTree House authors also publish titles independently. We believe in our authors, and love to see them succeed, so we wanted to tell you a little more about these titles and where you can buy them - click here to see Elizabeth's OneTree House agency books.

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