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Conservation Week 5 - 11 September 2022

Take a moment to act for nature this Conservation Week 5 - 11 September! OneTree House publish a range of books covering conservation themes, from Des Hunt's non-fiction books Inside Bubble Earth: Climate Change and Inside Bubble Earth: Recycling, to novels and picture books.

This week we'll be sharing some of what our authors do to 'act for nature'. If you are a school, teacher, librarian, or bookseller, you are welcome to use our digital assets to promote Conservation Week. Click on the links below for the assets you want.

From Adele Broadbent, author of If Only:

From Aaron Topp, Author of Nor'East Swell:

From Julie Ellis, author of Takahē Maths:

From Gay Buckingham, author of Kākāpō Keeper:

From Tina Matthews, author of Out of the Egg:

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