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Mila's My Gagana Series #2 Book Launch

Dahlia Malaeulu and OneTree House warmly invite you to the launch of Mila's My Gagana Series #2 this coming Saturday. Each Mila's My Gagana Series #2 book is actually two books in one! These flip format books introduce Samoan language within English language text in a way that makes the meaning clear to the reader of either language.

Isaia Says – is based on Simon Says but uses Samoan names for the actions, hop, run, clap, etc.

Analia Asks – Analia requests one food item after another, and thanks the giver each time. Eventually we find that she has been collecting the food to create a picnic for all to share. Introduces polite behavior, manners and food names.


Sala’s Surprise – when Sala gets up in the morning, she puts on a range of colourful clothing. The result is a surprise to her family.

Kuso’s Clean – everyday, when Kuso gets home, he is very dirty and needs a bath. Introduces the names of parts of the body.


Dahlia Malaeulu is a Wellington-born Samoan author and educator based in Wainuiomata. After completing a Bachelor of Arts at Victoria University of Wellington, Dahlia obtained a Postgraduate Degree in Primary Teaching from Wellington Teachers College and has been teaching ever since. She is currently working with Te Papa Press to produce a board book and self-published a young adult novel. Has produced a short play for the school journal as part of Samoan/Tongan bilingual series. a poem she wrote during our level 4 Covid lockdown will be included in an upcoming book from the University of South Pacific called Our Sea of Islands. She has received funding to produce Mila's My Aganu'u Series which is intended to follow on from Mila's My Gagana Series and showcases Samoan cultural elements as well as language.

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