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NZ Tonga Language Week

Mālō e lelei, it's NZ Tonga Language Week! Head to the NZ Tonga Language Week Facebook page for word/phrase of the day videos and other cool resources.

Want to learn more Tongan?

We have three Tonga bilingual books available:

Black Dog, by Pamela Allen

Black Dog and Christina have been best friends for a long time. Suddenly, one cold day in winter, everything begins to change.

Pamela Allen is a phenomon in the world of children's literature. Her picture books have won many awards in New Zealand and around the world.

Moon Cow, by Kylie Mewburn

Milly the cow decides to keep the moon company. How do you share secrets with something that is so far away, and so silent?

The Eleventh Sheep, by Kylie Mewburn

When Sian can't sleep she counts sheep from 1 - 10. The 11th sheep waits, unwanted, just out of sight.

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