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OneTree House Authors Out-and-About

(Left to right from top: Elena de Roo, author of Rush! Rush!; Tina Shaw, author of Make a Hard Fist; Mary-anne Scott, author of The Tomo, Spearo, Fantastic Mr Bean, and Sticking with Pigs).

We really BELIEVE that reading isn't 'nice to have if you are into it', but that it is a fundamental life skill. Research tells us that it's not just about knowing how to read either, but that reading for pleasure is key, enhancing the vocabulary and ideas we are exposed to. When authors talk with children and young people about reading, writing, and books, it can be a great nudge down that reading for pleasure pathway, so it's been fun to see Elena de Roo and Tina Shaw out on a Storylines Tour, and Mary-anne Scott attending the Featherstone Book Festival. Dan Salmon (author of the Neands series), Tessa Duder (author of Alex: the quartet) and Dahlia Malaeulu (author of the My Gagana books) will also be stepping out at the Auckland Writers Festival. If you see them make sure to say hi!

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