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Read Local: NZ Class Reads

Updated: May 20, 2020

We have 19 books by kiwi authors, almost all with teacher's notes, on special to schools now!

At OneTree House we believe in the transformative power of story and are advocates for the importance of recording and reflecting our unique cultural perspective. To back that up we are offering a 20% discount on class sets when you order 15+ copies of one title. We also offer a 10% discount on any school order, no matter how small.

The flyer includes a summary of each title and links to our teacher's notes. It also includes an order form with a special code to receive your school discount.

Helping New Zealand students study New Zealand stories.

We offer FREE teaching notes for almost all of our YA titles. These Teacher´s Notes can be accessed on our website and have been prepared by experienced English teachers Denis Wright and Tania Roxborogh.

If you are studying one of our titles get in touch! We would love to support you further with in-person or virtual visits from the authors.

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