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Author Glenn Wood, a former policeman, screenwriter and author, originally from Taranaki, now lives in Auckland. He has authored 4 previous books and has NZ film credits to his name including 'The Catch', directed by Simon Mark-Brown. His two previous novels were published by Walker Books Australia.


Graphic Artist:

Graphic artist Scott Pearson completed a Bachelor of Media Arts where he studied illustration and computer-based graphic design. His style is very adaptable and experimental.


SKU: 9780995117471
  • About the Book

    **2021 finalist in the inaugural YA section of the Ngaio Marsh Awards**

    The story starts with the death of Constable Garrett... and continues with his resurrection as  a  conscious  cyborg  initially  controlled  by   Spencer   Langley   aged   13,   inventor,   entrepreneur and car thief. Things get even more  complicated  with  the  introduction  of  sinister  criminals  and  Garrett’s  ex  partner.  Includes graphic replays every third chapter for the  entertainment  of  all.

  • Publication Date

    October 2020

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