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Don't Worry About the Robots NEW UPDATED FOR AI & COVID-19

About the Author(s):

David Glover - Director and business advisor on the boards of several commercial and community organisations

Jo Cribb -          Business consultant, vintner, and the voice behind @winesauvy on Instagram.

Don't Worry About the Robots NEW UPDATED FOR AI & COVID-19

SKU: 9781990035425
  • About this book:

    “Some of the best advice I’ve read”, The Listener


    Covid-19 has changed how we work and think about work. Artificial intelligence will quickly transform jobs and whole industries. How do we manage through such disruption?

    Don’t Worry About the Robots is a practical guide to managing the high-speed change ahead for workers. Learn how to disrupt yourself in a positive way, using key principles that will give you the best chance to survive and, even better, to thrive in the new world of work.

    In this timely book, former CEOs Dr Jo Cribb and David Glover share their insights and the diverse experiences of successful business leaders who are all actively thinking about the future of work.

    Written for anyone whose job leaves them unchallenged and unfulfilled and thinking about career changes, or those of us worried about job security and our future employment prospects, as well as those starting work for the first time, this book provides inspiration, support and practical tools to change your working life.

    “Topical and easy to read”, Employment Today

    Foreword by: Tracy Street (Ngāti Kahungunu) CEO, Centre for Vision and Leadership

  • Reviews:

    “This book will disrupt everything you think you know about work. Read it”

    Dr Michelle Dickinson aka Nanogirl


    “Some of the best advice I’ve read… this book is full of examples.”

    Peter Griffin, The Listener


    “This topical and easy-to-read book ends with reassurance that change can be positive.”

    Employment Today


    “An incredibly useful guide to managing the next wave of workplace change… this book provides plenty of inspiration and practical tools to navigate the future of work.”

    Andrea Molloy,


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