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Gracehopper - e-Pub

About the Author: Mandy Hager, author of Hindsight: Pivotal Moments in New Zealand’s History and Protest! Shaping Aotearoa, has written extensively for young adults and has also worked in the education sector previously for Global Education. She has an astonishing collection of awards, residencies, and recognition for her fiction work.

Gracehopper - e-Pub

SKU: 9781990035685
  • About this book:

    Born in the middle of Taiwan’s 1999 Jiji earthquake, 18-year-old Grace’s whole life has been impacted by its fallout. Now, as she faces an internal quake that’s potentially even more devastating, her ex-best friend Charlie suddenly reappears. Can all her questions finally be answered? Or is everything she thought she knew about to implode? It is a story about love and loss, friendship, countering differences, the search for a unique identity and the many faces of resilience.  

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