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Moon Cow - Kyle Mewburn (Multilingual - 5 editions)

Multilingual editions:


English / Samoan       - 978-0-9951066-4-2

English / te reo Maori  - 978-0-9951066-0-4

English / Tongan         - 978-0-9951066-3-5

English / Hindi             - 978-0-9951066-2-8

English / Simplified Mandarin - 978-0-9951066-1-1



Moon Cow - Kyle Mewburn (Multilingual - 5 editions)

  • About this book:

    Milly the cow decides to keep the moon company. How do you share secrets with something that is so far away, and so silent?

    Bilingual editions of this popular New Zealand story by award-winning writer Kyle Mewburn, illustrated by Deidre Copeland -  offered in a range of community languages.

    Working in partnership with Victoria University of Wellington and the New Zealand Society of Translators and Interpreters to ensure the quality of the translations through consultation and peer reviews, the following languages will be offered::

    • English/te Reo Maori
    • English/Hindi
    • English/Punjabi
    • English/Simplified Chinese
    • English/Tongan
  • Publication date:

    To be confirmed

  • Reviews:

    New Zealand Book Council - Samoan edition - 7 February 2019

    Moon Cow/ Masina Povi is a delightful bilingual book (English/Samoan), about friendship and patience.

    A gentle and caring Milly the Cow thinks the Moon must be lonely and sets about trying to make friends with limited success, how do you make friends with someone who is so far away and floating in the sky? This book is also available in Tongan and te reo Māori with Hindi and simplified Mandarin translations also being planned.

    The story is accompanied by beautiful soft and muted illustrations that give me the feeling I am watching the story unfold by torch, candle light or indeed illuminated by moonlight!

    Moon Cow/ Masina Povi is the sort of book I am always on the lookout for our School Library, being Bilingual I know that it can be taken home and enjoyed by families where English is a second language. I have students who search out books that they can read to their parents and their parents can, in turn, read to them in their native language. I am looking forward to adding it to our collection.

    Translator: Nicole Maynard

    Reviewer's name: Louana McCormack

    Reviewer's Job title: Librarian

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