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Neands - Kindle


Dan Salmon’s research for this book has taken him across the globe to Ethiopia, the cradle of humanity. The baseness of Neand traits are, in part, a contemporary political parable. Dan is a screen writer, producer and director of Octopus Pictures. He works in New Zealand across media, screen and literary arts. This is his first novel for all ages. As a film and television writer and director, some of Dan's favourite projects include: the festival documentary 'Pictures of Susan', political bio-documentary 'Helen Clark – The Road to Power', a look at voluntary euthanasia 'A Good Way to Die?', The Polynesian Panthers, Made in Taiwan, his one sports documentary Underarm, The Ball that Changed Cricket. And most recently, Origins - with Scotty Morrison for TVNZ 1. Dan was for three years as president of the Screen Director's Guild.

Cover artist:

Tim Christie is a New Zealand-based designer, artist and entrepreneur. He has developed some of New Zealand's most iconic brands and his work has featured in New Zealand and Australian design awards and has been published internationally. Neands will be his first book cover.

Neands - Kindle

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    What if evolution went wrong and the human race was threatened at the very core of its DNA? Charlie (14) lives at a time when a new virus is  infecting Homo sapiens. They are becoming more hostile and aggressive, even his friends, teachers, schoolmates and authority figures are succumbing to their recessive Neanderthal gene.

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