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Seeking An Aurora - Elizabeth Pulford / Anne Bannock

About the Author:

Elizabeth Pulford is a writer of fiction for teenagers and adults, as well as picture books, and has won several writing competitions. Her articles, stories and poetry for both adults and children have been published in newspapers, magazines and journals, and broadcast on Radio New Zealand. Pulford has published numerous titles for young readers, and has won and been shortlisted for key awards. Elizabeth Pulford is available to talk to primary and intermediate students as part of the Writersin Schools programme.

About the Illustrator:

Anne Bannock is a Nelson based artist, where she works from a studio located in an historic woolshed in the beautiful Orinoco valley. She works in a range of styles and mediums, on subjects that range from still life to landscape. Her work has been sold throughout the world. This is Anne's first picture book for children.

Seeking An Aurora - Elizabeth Pulford / Anne Bannock

SKU: 9780995106444
  • About this book:

    A small boy wakes to a cold, midnight adventure with his dad, walking up through the snowy landscape to the top of a hill, to see a wonderful sight - the Aurora Australis.  The distant and quiet man becomes a loving and excited dad as he tells his son all about this amazing phenomenon.


    Dad pulled on my jacket, woolly hat, and mittens.

    "We're off to find an Aurora," he said.

  • Publication date:

    May 2018

  • Reviews:

    The New Zealand Book Council - November 2018

    How highly are you recommending this book? Highly recommended

    Seeking an Aurora will delight all ages, there is something magical about being woken up to go on an adventure as a child and this book captures that magic. The illustrations convey a sense of adventure, colourful and showing a sense of movement. The language used will spark visions in older readers ‘back at the warm, buttery night’, ‘a ship of shivering stars’ the imagery created adds to the sense of wonder.

    There is a brief description of an Aurora at the end of the book, perfect for older readers who want to learn more about this phenomenon. I can imagine reading this book by torchlight to enhance the magic!

    Reviewer's name: Louana McCormack

    Reviewer's Job title: Librarian

    Reviewer's School Name: Opaheke School

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