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Mary-anne Scott  lives in Napier. Many of her previous titles have been shortlisted for the YA section of the Children’s Book Awards: Snakes and Ladders (Scholastic); Coming Home to Roost (Penguin) and Sticking with Pigs (One Tree House). 


Sticking with Pigs published in 2018 and was Shortlisted for the Children’s Book Award Trust Copyright Licensing NZ YA Award in 2018 was Shortlisted for the 2018 NZ Mountain Film and Book Festival and was named a 2019 Storylines Notable Book. Her other recent titles,  Fantastic Mr Bean was published in 2020, and The Tomo in 2021.


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SKU: 9780995117525
  • About the book:

    **2021 Storylines Notable Book**

    Sean has emigrated to New Zealand with his mother from South Africa after the death of his father. He is finding it hard to fit in at school while coping with his grief and homesickness. Mason, a boy in his class who is a mad keen spearo, offers to teach him how to free dive and Sean gradually becomes involved with Mason's family including taking part in free diving and spear fishing training in order to take part in a competition. One accident and Sean is thrust into the front line of the competition – it is all up to him.

    "A captivating read from first page to last" - Pat Swanson (New Zealand Champion Diver)

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