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TELESA 1: The Covenant Keeper - Lani Wendt Young

About the Author:

Lani Young is an award-winning writer, publisher and journalist. She is the 2018 ACP Pacific Laureate selected by the African, Caribbean, Pacific Group of States. Born and raised in Samoa, she attended university in the USA and New Zealand. Storytelling is her passion. She’s the author of ten books and has won multiple awards for her short fiction. She’s worked as a scriptwriter for Disney, and her stories for children are published by the NZ School Journal.


Her work is described as witty, ironic and delicious, flavored with poetic descriptions; garnished with intense passion; coated in relaxed atmosphere of the Samoan archipelago (Tales from Pasifika, April 2015).

TELESA 1: The Covenant Keeper - Lani Wendt Young

SKU: 9780995106710
  • About this book:

    Readers are calling it ‘the Pacific Twilight’.

    She is a girl torn between two worlds …

    Teenager Leila Folger escapes the stifling misery of life with her American grandmother and goes to Samoa searching to connect with her mother’s family. All her efforts to learn more about the mother shenever knew are met with hostility. What really happened eighteen years ago when his father fled the island with his infant daughter? Why is everyone afraid to even talk about the woman he once loved? What is a ‘telesa’ and why does the mention of her own name strike such fear in everyone Leila meets?

    Book 1 in the trilogy.

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