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White Moko: stories from my life

About the author:

Tim Tipene was adopted into the Waitai-Tipene whanau as a toddler. He was raised in two cultures, NZ Maori and NZ European. Tim's immediate family were abusive and violent. His biological father was a convicted predator and violent offender who spent much of life behind bars. It was only with the extended whanau that he felt loved.

Expelled from high school Tim went through a number of jobs, homes and relationships before he managed to find help to address his past.

Since 1994, Tim has been changing lives through his acclaimed Warrior Kids programme, his award-winning books and his inspirational talks. Tim has appeared on television and radio, and in various magazines and newspapers.

He overcame his abusive and violent childhood, broke the cycle, and has spent his life transforming the lives of others.

White Moko: stories from my life

SKU: 9780995106789
  • About the Book

    A memoir from award-winning writer and inspirational speaker Tim Tipene.Tim founded the Warrior Kids programme 26 years ago. Himself the product of rape, he spent a miserable childhood in which he was abused by both his birth and foster families. His courses now empower families and children and this memoir is a recollection of his life, raised in vio-lence, following on from a junior collection published last year, Mrs Battleship.It is a tribute especially to the few teachers who acted at different times to protect him, as well as his discovery that not everyone endured what he did.This is funny, sad, poignant and telling. Tim has found jewels of wisdom and love in a world that had no place for him.

  • Publication Date

    September 2020

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