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Yackety Zac by Chris Gurney, illustrated by Ross Kinnaird

About the author:

Chris Gurney is author of many picure books for children including the Kiwi Corker series titles Cindy and the Lost Jandal (2009), Little Red and the Cunning Kuri (2010) and Hester's Blister. Her books are known for their rhyme and humour.


About the illustrator:

Ross Kinnaird has illustrated many loved New Zealand children's books including Why do Dogs Sniff Bottoms? which won the Children's Choice award at the 2003 New Zealand Post Book Awards, I Need a new Bum ​​​​andThe Biggest Number in the Universe.

Yackety Zac by Chris Gurney, illustrated by Ross Kinnaird

SKU: 9780995106451
  • About this book:

    Zachary Black just won’t shut up! From the moment he was born he was yakking non-stop.  At first his parents are proud of their son but with time they tire of the constant noise. A trip to the doctor and a cure is found. A rhyme and rhythm tongue twister that is a joy to read aloud.


    Ages:  4+                                                          Publish: October

    Extent: 32pp

  • Publication date:

    October 2018

  • Revews:

    New Zealand Book Council - 07 February 2019

    Yackety Zac is a great read aloud for young children as the rhyme just flows throughout this book. This title is a great way to make children aware of their own words, how to have a two-way conversation, and the importance of listening to others more than you speak. The messages of ‘listening to others’ and ‘choosing the right words’ will create amazing conversations for families and classrooms around the importance of speaking and listening.

    Kinnaird’s illustrations really highlight this message by portraying Zak’s constant talking as noisy and confusing to others. And the subalty in the illustrations of expressions on other character’s faces when Zak is talking and the talk messages portrayed on wall posters in Doctor Mac’s office really strengthen the main message of the book and create great noticing and talking points for younger children. The story really flows in a fun way with rich language of a mixture of both words young children will know, and new words to discuss with the reader.

    I loved this book! What a great way to share such an important message with children.

    Reviewers Name: Angela Thompson

    Reviewers Job Title: Library Lead Teacher

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