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2021 Ngaio Marsh Awards Entrants Announced

The Ngaio Marsh Awards support, highlight, and celebrate literary excellence in crime, mystery, and thriller writing from New Zealand storytellers. It is a thrill to end the suspense and announce that White Moko by Tim Tipene is an entrant in the 2021 award for non-fiction and Neands by Dan Salmon is an entrant in the 2021 award for best first novel and an entrant in the fiction category. We wish both authors lots of luck!

A memoir from award-winning writer and inspirational speaker Tim Tipene.Tim founded the Warrior Kids programme 26 years ago. Himself the product of rape, he spent a miserable childhood in which he was abused by both his birth and foster families. His courses now empower families and children and this memoir is a recollection of his life, raised in vio-lence, following on from a junior collection published last year, Mrs Battleship.It is a tribute especially to the few teachers who acted at different times to protect him, as well as his discovery that not everyone endured what he did.This is funny, sad, poignant and telling. Tim has found jewels of wisdom and love in a world that had no place for him.

What if evolution went wrong and the human race was threatened at the very core of its DNA? Charlie (14) lives at a time when a new virus is infecting Homo sapiens. They are becoming more hostile and aggressive, even his friends, teachers, schoolmates and authority figures are succumbing to their recessive Neanderthal gene.

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