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Books Back in Stock (or coming back soon...)

Updated: Apr 20, 2022

At the end of 2021 we sold out of a few popular titles. Here's what's back, and what is coming soon:

Copies of The Tomo by Mary-anne Scott sold out almost as fast as Blue disappeared...but it's back! The reprint is at the distribution centre and ready for your order. The fate of Blue...that's for you to discover!

"This is an exhilarating new short story collection from New Zealand writers..." said Read NZ and so many of you agree that Lit: stories from home hit our 'sold out' pile at the end of 2021. Luckily it has been reprinted and is back on the shelves (30+ copies for your class this year? You got it👌).

These two have been walking across that cover since our first year of publishing, and Cuz by Liz van der Laarse continues to be one of our bestsellers. It sold out (again!) before Christmas but we are reprinted (again!) soon.

We couldn't keep Kākāpō Keeper on our shelves it has been such a hit! We are organising a reprint.

We are holding off on the reprint of Alex: The Quartet for exciting reasons (we can't talk about!) but it is going to happen! In the meantime it is available right now for general eReaders or Kindle

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