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'Half My Life' and 'Neands' Make The Sapling's Terrific Gifts for Teen's List

The Sapling is a New Zealand website about children's books. This year, in their recommendations for holiday gifts for teens, they recommended two OneTree House titles!

Katy struggles with anxiety and compulsive behaviour disorders. She self-harms and is seeing a counsellor. When she starts dating it only increases her anxieties. Then her parents hear her Yiayia (grandmother) is ill in Greece and may be dying. The family decide to visit. Reluctant at first Katy eventually decides to embrace the trip as a way to learn about her Greek family but the visit uncovers some dark family secrets.

A novel that explores the fragility of families, and the damage that can be wrought when unresolved issues of one generation shape the lives of the next. Also a story about hope, and the ability of families to survive and heal damaged relationships.

Available as a eBook, for Kindle, or paperback. Read reviews on our review page.

What if evolution went wrong and the human race was threatened at the very core of its DNA? Charlie (14) lives at a time when a new virus is infecting Homo sapiens. They are becoming more hostile and aggressive, even his friends, teachers, schoolmates and authority figures are succumbing to their recessive Neanderthal gene.

Read reviews on our review page.

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