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Hardcover Picture Books: now RRP at $30

Our hardcover picture books have varied in price and sometimes been up to $40RRP. In order to simplify things we have set them all to $30RRP. This includes:

Rush! Rush: Bringing together this award-winning author and illustrator for the first time, Rush! Rush! is a wonderfully lyrical read-aloud poem describing the joyous run from home to the beach, with all the sights, sounds and smells that capture the moment.

By Elena de Roo, illustrated by Jenny Cooper.

ISBN: 9780995117617


Honk: One dark and stormy night Henry hears a strange sound, and in the morning he can see a goose in his sand box. His mother says the goose is exhausted and they must leave him to recover. So Henry waits. A story "of friendship, acceptance and respect for wildlife" (Bob Docherty).

By Elizabeth Pulford, illustrated by Astrid Matijasevich

ISBN: 9780995117624


The Princess and the Pirate: Princess Primrose has a secret. All day she is a Perfect Princess, attending lessons and dressing as a princess should. But at night she is a mask-wearing, sword-wielding crimefighter. A rollicking read with loads of action and fun.

By Charlie Holt, illustrated by Jane Smith.

ISBN: 9780995117419


I Had a Brother: A 2020 Storylines Notable Book! A small boy watches the strange events that unfold with the birth of his baby brother, who is born with a heart defect. Through his eyes we see the tragedy unfold.

By Diana Menefy, illustrated by Malene Laugesen.

ISBN: 9780473421830


The Time of Your Life: Little Ben has only two wishes: 1) that he be a little taller and 2) that there be a little more time. People are always running out of time, are short of time, or don't have time to spare. Then his godmother gives him a watch... now he has all the time in the world. Or so he thinks.

By Tanya Batt, illustrated by Bruce Potter.

ISBN: 9780995106468


Jiffy, Cat Detective: a picture book from award-winning author, Catherine Chidgey. When Dad can't find his shoe the family is sent to find it, but Jiffy, the cat, knows how to solve this mystery. In fact he knew even before the loss was noticed. Told is rhyme and rhythm with a very satisfying ending ... for cats.

By Catherine Chidgey, illustrated by Astrid Matijasevich.

ISBN: 9780995117426


I Love Bugs: Stunningly illustrated this little book introduces a mysterious character who insists they like bugs of all sorts: beetles, moths, flies, and lots more. Includes a special section in the back with a first-readers introduction to each insect. But who is it that loves them?

Written and illustrated by Elspeth Alix Batt.

ISBN: 9780995106475

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