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'Inside Bubble Earth: Recycling' by Des Hunt

We are living in the age of plastic a substance that has changed our lives and made our waste management practices redundant. How do we solve this problem? And if we don’t what is the outcome? Inside Bubble Earth: Recycling (a companion book to Inside Bubble Earth: Climate Change released in 2021) has just been released and is getting great reviews.

Over on Bob's Books Blog, Bob Docherty said "the reason why it is so good is because it is written as a story by an author who is a skilled writer of fiction and his technique explains the issues in a very readable and understandable of the best books I have read on the problem of rubbish disposal and waste created on planet Earth and where humans must go to ensure that we survive."

Kids Books NZ said, "Des brings a fresh new angle to the subject...An excellent resource for Intermediate and High Schools and adults giving a more in depth look at the problem of plastics and the complexities with recycling."

Kids Books NZ also interviewed Des about writing the book, asking about the structure and the challenges of the subject - well worth a read!

Both Inside Bubble Earth: Recycling and Inside Bubble Earth: Climate Change include local examples from Aotearoa and around the world.

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