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Latest Mary-anne Scott Novel Receiving Great Reviews

The Tomo by Mary-anne Scott is our last release for 2021 and it is already receiving great reviews.

Bob Docherty at Bob's Book Blog says The Tomo is "one of the best of the year. Mary-Anne Scott understands kids;" while says it is "one of Mary-anne Scott’s best yet."

In The Tomo, Phil, and his father’s beloved heading dog, Blue, have to spend the Christmas break working on a sheep station while Phil’s dad undergoes out-of-town, cancer treatment. The station manager, Chopper, isn’t happy having a teenager in his care and certainly not a sheepdog that doesn’t understand his signals. Things start to improve for Phil when Chopper’s step-daughter, Emara arrives back from holiday, but a wayward ram and a poor decision plummets both boy and dog into danger.

Phil will need all the strength he’s got to get out alive.

Mary-anne's books are always popular (and sell out quickly!) so put this title on your Christmas shopping list. Available in paperback and e-Book.

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