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'Neands' by Dan Salmon: Available now!

Charlie (14) lives at a time when a new virus is infecting Homo sapiens. They are becoming more hostile and aggressive, even his friends, teachers, schoolmates and authority figures are succumbing to their recessive Neanderthal gene. How can Charlie secure a future when the virus is changing everything?

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What others are saying about 'Neands'

Susannah Whaley for NZ Booklovers says: "the author is also a screen writer, and this shows in the inventive way that the story is pieced together with chat room conversations, jotted notes, and newspaper clippings between the chapters. These add another dimension to the story, making the world in which it is set feel very concrete."

Sarah Forster at The Sapling says: "This book is perfectly pitched to its audience, the climate change generation. I can imagine it garnering Ted Dawe-like levels of hate from certain right-wing groups, due to its placement of (most) religion as base and self-serving, and I really enjoyed it. It is well-paced, controlling the emotions of its readers well, and hope is provided by the love story that grows throughout the overall narrative."

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1 Comment

Chaucey Ellis
Chaucey Ellis
May 26, 2021

I’m enjoying the book, however, the typeface is very hard on the eyes and the binding is tight. I hope those can be changed next printing.

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