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NEW Middle Grade Fiction: The Life and Times of Eddie McGrath, by Brigid Feehan

OneTree House adds a new title this May to our growing middle grade fiction selection. Learn more below!

ISBN: 9781990035005


8+ fiction

Publishing in May, available for pre-order now.

Eddie (Edith) McGrath is, in her opinion, a very ordinary person, but when the results of a national essay competition are announced it seems Eddie is a winner...even if she doesn't want to be! A spirited story about the times when what we don’t want, turns out to be more than we could hope for.

Brigid Feehan was born, raised and educated in Wellington. She studied law at Victoria University and travelled overseas for a few years before returning to Wellington. She now lives in Island Bay with her family and her, probably not very bright but, very handsome cat Magnus. Brigid has worked for the government in a number of roles, none of which have involved meeting the Prime Minister, unlike her heroine Eddie McGrath! Stella Star, Brigid’s first novel, won the Tom Fitzgibbon Award and was included in the Storylines List of Notable Books in 2006. A sequel, Maybe Stella, was published in 2007.

Other Middle Grade Fiction from OneTree House

Set in New Zealand in the 20’s / 30’s , a young boy goes to live with his aunt and cousin following the death of his father. He begins work on a school history project which uncovers a family tragedy and a hero in the household. Based on the true sinking of the SS Penguin, a sometimes forgotten NZ maritime disaster, and on the real-life heroine of the day, Ada Hannan.

ISBN: 9780995117600

Lucy and her mother are in France for the summer to visit family. As they arrive they pass refugees, who are not welcome in this little village. Then valuables are stolen and the young refugees are accused. Lucy sides with the refugees - this could be dangerous.

ISBN: 9780995106703

River is offered the chance to crew on his uncle’s trawler – a coastal trip to get a new engine. He finds his cousin Huia annoying – she’s all about Māoritanga while he can’t even speak the language. When an accident leaves the two cousins stranded on the coast of Fiordland they must work together to save themselves. Includes information on survival, bush lore, natural remedies, bush tucker and map of the region.

ISBN: 9780473421885 paperback / 9780995117143 ebook

Ricky’s family buy a mansion in a trendy suburb, with panoramic views of the city. Too good to be true… Yep, a real bargain. But this house also has a resident ghost, who wants them out. Cockroaches in the moving boxes, a red sock in the washing with his cricket whites! It’s up to Ricky, and his neighbour Fi, to solve this annoying mystery.

ISBN: 9780473421847

Tim tells tales from his childhood - some humorous, others horrifying. He also tells of the amazing teachers he encountered and the difference they made to his life. Includes 14 stories in all, plus author information and a page of contacts for further help or information.

ISBN: 9780995106796

Olly has always lived alone with his mum, who lets Aunty Claire make all the decisions in the family. When he is grounded and unable to go to soccer camp he keeps running into Mad Martha who walks the streets with her shopping trolley. He is forbidden to see or speak with her. Who is she and what aren’t they telling him?

ISBN: 9780995106420

OneTree House is here to support and resource New Zealand families, libraries, schools and communities with high quality fiction and non-fiction resources.

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