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NEW TITLE! Mummy Monster by Stephanie Thatcher

"My Mummy is a monster. She hides it very well."

OneTree House is excited to announce the release of our latest picture book, Mummy Monster by Stephanie Thatcher.

Mummy Monster is a loving book of recognition and acceptance. This wee boy knows his mother very well and she knows him too. Rhyme and rhythm with some delicious words for young readers to enjoy.

Stephanie has always loved books and spent much of her childhood lying around reading and drawing instead of playing sport. She worked at North Shore Libraries for a number of years before completing a Bachelor of Visual Arts at Auckland University of Technology. For the next 10 years she worked in Auckland and Dublin as a graphic designer. She now lives with her husband and three young boys in West Auckland. She divides her time between making children’s books, freelance graphic design and motion graphics work, painting, and running around after her children.

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