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Ngaio Marsh Awards Presented Saturday 30 October

The Ngaio Marsh Awards are being held online this Saturday 30 October, from 7.30pm. The event will be hosted by Dani Vee of Words & Nerds, a top Australian literary podcaster, and they'll be broadcast live on Facebook, then archived on Facebook and Youtube, as well as the audio being broadcast on Words & Nerds as a podcast episode/episodes.

OneTree House is thrilled that Deadhead by Glenn Wood is a finalist. Fingers-crossed Glenn, and good luck to all the finalists in these great awards!

More about Deadhead

The story starts with the death of Constable Garrett... and continues with his resurrection as a conscious cyborg initially controlled by Spencer Langley aged 13, inventor, entrepreneur and car thief. Things get even more complicated with the introduction of sinister criminals and Garrett’s ex partner. Includes graphic replays every third chapter for the entertainment of all.

By Glenn Wood


ISBN: 9780995117471

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