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Niuean Translator talks about the new bilingual version of 'Of Course You Can!'

In May this year OneTree House released three new bilingual versions of the 2021 IBBY Outstanding Book for Young People With Disabilities, Of Course You Can! This fabulous story is now available in four bilingual versions:

  • Te reo Māori and English - Ka Taea Tohu e Koe

  • Samoan and English - Se e te mafaia

  • Tongan and English - ‘Io Te´ Ke Lava

  • Niuean and English - E Maeke He Taute e Koe

Dhalia Naepi is a member of the Niue Language Writers Group who translated the Niuean version. Why do translations? And what do they take to get right? Read a Q&A with Dahlia Naepi and Read NZ and watch her interview with PMN Niue on Facebook here.

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