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Nor'East Swell now available for eBook

Eighteen-year-old Witi’s father is listed as having abandoned his family and that’s just how Witi sees it. But when he is on his surfboard, feeling the surge of the sea, he somehow feels close to him. He also knows his rock-star father was diagnosed as schizophrenic, and lately Witi has been wondering if it is something he could have inherited. He’s hearing things… and sometimes seeing things, and the pull to hit the surf is getting stronger. Alana, his girlfriend, is sticking close and his new Aussie friend, Jordy, is eager to come along, when they try to locate the source of energy that seems to be driving him. Meantime Cyclone Trudy is getting closer and closer.

Set on New Zealand's East Coast you can now purchase Nor'East Swell in paperback or eBook on our website or through your favourite store.

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