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#NZSummerOfReading is back!

Get ready to do some good reading this summer!

Starting on Wednesday, December 7, Read New Zealand's Summer of Reading campaign offers a fun and low-key way to share and promote reading for relaxation and pure enjoyment as we head into the warmer months.

Here's more on the campaign from Read New Zealand:

Summer is a period when most New Zealanders have a little more relaxation time and at the very least, longer daylight hours.

Running until late January, our campaign aims to remind us all of the pleasures of a good book and the wider benefits of reading.

Would you like encouragement to read more this summer? We'd love for you to join us! Here's how:

- Follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and use the hashtag #NZSummerOfReading to share your reading adventures. This could be your favourite book, something you're reading to the kids, or a book you covet! We'd also love to see your summer reading spot, whether that's on the ferry, at the park, during your lunch break at work or somewhere warm with sand between your toes.

- Share our #NZSummerOfReading posts on your social media feeds to encourage your friends and whānau to take part.

- Take our quiz to find your summer reads, and download our book bingo to print or share online.

- Need some tips to get back into reading after a busy and difficult year? We feel you. Click here to read Juliet's top tips for getting back into reading. We also have some great book prizes to give away over the summer. To enter the draw: Send us pictures of your summer reading spot and/or book, or alert us to your social media posts by using the hashtag

  • Get a child signed up for our kid's online Summer Reading Challenge (from Monday, December 12) - there are seven ways for them to win prizes just by taking part

  • Read to your children/nieces or nephews, grandchildren, friends’ children or neighbours. Share the experience with us via email or hashtag

  • Join us for fun book bingo! Click here to download and print for your fridge or office wall, or share on socials with the hashtag

  • If you're an Instagram user, play our 'This or That' game in your stories. The starting image can also be found here.

  • Share your summer reading stack on socials and tell us your dream reading destination.

We can't wait to share the joy of books, reading and stories with you this summer. Thanks for joining us!

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