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One Day Sale - Friday 3 June 2022!

Board books, picture books, junior and YA novels, even bilinguals! All sale items only $10 each!

OneTree House's BIG sale day is happening! All the sale books are only $10 each for 1 day only - for some titles that is a 75% discount. Books include Storyline Notable Book winners, a Ngaio Marsh Award finalists, hardcovers, bilinguals - it's the widest range of books we have ever put on sale so don't miss out!

Q&A About the sale

I can't get to a computer on Friday 3 June, can I buy books for $10 another day?

No sorry, this is a 1-day sale. But it is worth it - see if someone else can shop for you. It will go for the full 24 hours so hopefully you can find some time.

I set my cart up on Friday but now the prices have changed on Sunday/Monday/etc

The sale price will only be active on Friday 3 June - so make sure you finish your purchase on the day.

I am buying for a school, can I pay later?

This is an online sale only so the standard 20 day invoice is not an option. There is the option on the cart to pay by cash which means by direct deposit - if you select this option you can then ask the school to pay on Monday.

Why can't I see the book I want?

A lot of our books are in the sale...but not all of them! Also, if stock of a title drops too low it will be removed from the sale. Shop only from the Sale Page to be sure, or look for the sale price of $10.00 on the book page.

Why is my cart total more then I expected?

Remember that there will be a postage and packaging charge. Also check that you haven't got an item in your cart that is excluded from the sale. If you aren't sure what is included shop only from the Sale Page to be sure, or look for the sale price of $10.00 on the book page.

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