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OneTree House Books on Three Storylines Notable Book Lists in 2021

We are excited to announce four books from our catalogue have been chosen across the Storylines Notable Picture Books, Junior Fiction, and Young Adult Fiction lists for 2021.

"20 of the 30 books on these lists are from big, international houses, so for our small press to have earned four of the spots is a fantastic acknowledgement of the work of our superb authors," says OneTree House Director, Jenny Nagle.

Mummy Monster, written and illustrated by Stephanie Thatcher is a Storylines Notable Picture Book 2021. Mummy Monster is a loving book of recognition and acceptance.

Spearo, by Mary-anne Scott, is a Storylines Notable Junior Fiction Book for 2021. A story centered in the world of spearfishing it deftly covers issues of grief, homesickness, and responding to unexpected situations. Also on the Storylines Notable Junior Fiction 2021 list is Three Scoops: Stories by David Hill, by David Hill featuring illustrations by Lisa Allen. Three moments in time and three writing genre - historic fiction / fantasy fiction / futuristic fiction - feature in this collection from one of New Zealand’s favourite writers of fiction.

Half My Life, by Diana Noonan is a Storylines Notable Young Adult Fiction Book for 2021. A novel that explores the fragility of families, and the damage that can be wrought when unresolved issues of one generation shape the lives of the next, it is also a story about hope, and the ability of families to survive and heal damaged relationships.

In announcing the awards Storylines Trust Chair Christine Young, said "despite difficulties posed by Covid-19 over the past 18 months, the skill and creativity of authors and illustrators has not been dulled, and New Zealand publishers’ commitment to producing quality books for young people remains strong. The chosen books feature a healthy mix of new authors and illustrators alongside names well known to New Zealand children and teens."

"We really hope that New Zealanders go out and buy kiwi books for the young people in their lives this Christmas. Not only will they be much more accessible than international titles (because of world supply chain issues), they are stories by New Zealanders, about New Zealanders, for New Zealanders," says Ms. Nagle.

NOTE: The 2021 Storylines Notable Books List, for the highest quality books in five genres published between January 2020 and July 2021, is compiled from more than 188 entries from publishers by expert panels of authors, teachers, librarians, academics and parents.

The annual list was begun by Storylines in 1999 and selection is eagerly sought by authors, illustrators and publishers. It provides a valuable reading and purchasing guide to families, schools and libraries, and to young readers, with the books in each genre listed in ascending order of age range suitability within each genre. More at Storylines Website.

OneTree House, 2021 Storylines Notable Book Award Winners:

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