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Take Your Space - pre-order your book now!

It is time to #takeyourspace, pre-order your book today!

Take Your Space: the 2020 How-to book for all women, by Jo Cribb and Rachel Petero. Take your pick of how-to from real life experiences, there is something for everyone. Topics include: How to negotiate; finding your worth and your tribe; taking your physical space; owning your confidence; practising saying no; standing up to discrimination; know your rights; self-care and making space for other women along the way.

“Fascinating book – many women will find much to relate to and be inspired by. 'A how-to guide for women wanting to get ahead in any walk of life, drawing on the experiences of those who’ve done the hard yards. Highly recommended.”- former NZ Prime Minister, Helen Clark.

Authors are Rachel Petero - Founder and CEO Rise2025 for 100,000 indigenous leaders; Co-Chair Ngāti Tamaoho Trust; Co-Chair Te Ohu Whai Ao Trust; Board Director Unicef NZ, NZ Ambassador World Indigenous Business Forum 2019. and Jo Cribb – Former CEO of The Ministry of Women’s Affairs and Read NZ, management consultant, author, and Institute of Director facilitator. They researched widely and recorded interviews with a diverse array of 16 successful women from different cultures, industries, and experiences. This wisdom is presented in 8 how-to topics identified as key areas to support women to achieve their potential. As you read this pragmatic and purposeful book, think of them as your cheerleaders. Imagine having a cuppa and sharing stories to support you and women across the world to Take Your Space.

This book is a working guide to Taking Your Space. Full of wisdom and quotes and from women who have made it. Covering topics from nailing that first interview, asking for that pay rise, countering sexism and the resilience needed to counter racism, how to negotiate barriers women face in achieving their work goals – not least of all the burden of physical housework, childcare and carrying the organisational and emotional workload of households. It is inspirational, aspirational, and full of nuggets of cold, hard suggestions, examples and strategies to coach you to achieve your work and life goals.

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