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Two New Picture Books!

Our two fresh new hardcopy picture books, Rush! Rush! and Honk, are getting fabulous reviews and are both now available.

Early reviews include:

"Whether you are an adult or young child it is a book that will blow you away," - Dr S Alexander at Child Forum

"This book is a JOYFUL INVIGORATING POETRY treat and would be the very best book to read aloud to a class or your children," - Paula Green at Poetry Box

Bringing together this award-winning author and illustrator for the first time, Rush! Rush! is a wonderfully lyrical read-aloud poem describing the joyous run from home to the beach, with all the sights, sounds and smells that capture the moment.

ISBN: 9780995117617

0+ fiction



Early reviews include:

"Honk is a pleasure to unalloyed delight," - Brin Murray at KidsBooksNZ

"A delightful story is enhanced by delightful quirky, childlike illustrations," - Bob Docherty at Bobs Book Blog

One dark and stormy night Henry hears a strange sound, and in the morning he can see a goose in his sand box. His mother says the goose is exhausted and they must leave him to recover. So Henry waits. A story "of friendship, acceptance and respect for wildlife" (Bob Docherty).

ISBN: 9780995117624

0+ fiction


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