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Sherryl Jordan
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Books have been Sherryl's life’s passion since she was a child. Sherryl created her first book when she was four years old – a mermaid story told in pictures, on a notebook of blue paper. Between her school days and the age of forty Sherryl wrote twelve novels and numerous picture books, though none were accepted for publication. It was her 13th novel – Rocco – that became her first published novel, and the beginning of her career as an author. 

Sherryl's greatest joy is in writing stories set in the ancient world. She has also written several novels set in fantasy worlds. Sherryl is drawn to the simplicity of life in Medieval times – the people’s connection with the land and seasons, and the superstitions and beliefs that governed their daily lives.  Also, she is intrigued by the tragic ignorance of Medieval justice, and the tension between superstition and rationality. Her stories are inspired by ordinary folk trapped within that tension – people who are different, who must struggle against superstition and ignorance, prejudice and injustice, in order to live out their true destiny, and become the people they were born to be.   


Sherryl Jordan's Titles:
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